I took a circuitous route to mystery writing, but the constant of it all was my love of books. Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I studied piano along with all the more usual subjects, and I was aware of a certain ease and pleasure in writing. But practicalities of earning a living led me into the sciences. I earned a degree in Medical Technology at Alverno College, and worked in hospital laboratories, including clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health, but eventually found my way to what I enjoyed most: writing mysteries.

RESORT TO MURDER and A TASTE OF DEATH were my first published mystery novels. The Craft Corner Mystery Series followed with WREATH OF DECEPTION, STRING OF LIES, and PAPER-THIN ALIBI. After that came the best-selling Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series, starting with THE PICKLED PIPER, LICENSE TO DILL, then SCENE OF THE BRINE.

A FATAL COLLECTION is the first in the Keepsake Cove Mystery Series, followed by A VINTAGE DEATH.

As a break from all the time spent at the computer, doubles tennis is my favorite activity, followed by travel, and—you guessed it—reading. As I said, it’s been a circuitous route but a gratifying one. I hope my readers will find it so, as well.